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Perfectly combining all of the ingredients you need for a successful website, The Website Chef is a web designer who puts long-lasting client relationships at the heart of her business.

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Hi, I’m Sue, better known as The Website Chef. I’m a passionate web designer based in Cork, Ireland, helping small businesses and entrepreneurs across the world (yes, I have clients in both the UK and US too!) to get a website that works.  But what does that actually mean? Well, for me, it’s not just about the results you’ll get — although that’s very important! It’s also about how easy the ride is to get there, which means less overcomplicated technobabble and no confusing customer service. Stick with me if you want a website that not only increases your profit but is also trouble-free. Read more about what makes The Website Chef unique…

Perfectly prepared website designs…

Creating a professional website involves perfectly combining all of the necessary ingredients. But what are these ingredients? Well, you need a good design base, technical knowledge that allows for a smooth ride, and marketing skills that ensure your customers understand the finished result. Plus, top-notch customer service to make sure the process is free of stress and hassle. Read more about The Website Chef’s websites here…

Hassle-free website maintenance…

Choose an ongoing maintenance package and never again get stuck with the running of your website. Whether you’ve experienced a troublesome website in the past or you’ve heard some web design horror stories from your friends, rest assured that it won’t happen here. Find out more about The Website Chef’s optional stress-free maintenance plans…

The Website Chef now offers Digital Media Kits for individuals… 

If you are an author, public speaker or business owner who frequently appears on podcasts, tv, radio, or wins awards you might be interested in our newest service.

If you are an executive seeking your next position, this is an ideal opportunity to give a prospective employer a 3D view of your capabilities rather than a traditional 2D cv/resumé.

Introducing Digital Media Kits
What people say about working with the website chef

Sue delivered in spades.

“Sue worked on my biggest client’s website and was a pleasure to work with from start to finish.

She quickly developed a new look and feel for the website, resulting in a fresh and appealing design template for the site.

Sue was able to populate the new website with the content from the client’s existing site. The whole process was smooth and efficient, allowing the client and me to refine the new site based on the existing material. Throughout, Sue was responsive and made any requested changes quickly.

At every stage of the process, both the client and I felt confident that the new site would be exactly what we needed: mobile first and above all fast.

Sue delivered in spades. From our point of view, the entire process was straightforward and pain-free, and we ended up with exactly what we needed at the end of it all.

I would whole-heartedly recommend Sue to anyone who is looking for a creative, diligent and responsive website designer, who quite simply delivers.”
Roger Overall
Creative Director

Show and Tell Communications

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