Getting a link for Google Reviews

SEO Tip – Asking customers for Google Reviews

How to get a link to give your customers

Google reviews of your business are important for being discovered by customers in search results. One of the easiest things you can do to improve your SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is to ask customers to review their experience with your business. Whether you’re a dentist, a florist or any type of service or retail business these reviews are like gold.

Below is a short video showing the link you can copy and paste into invoices, follow-up emails or simply paste in your website in a prominent place asking for reviews.

If you prefer to see the steps written out here they are:

  1. Log into your Google Profile Manager (former known as Google Business Page).
  2. Click through to your Profile (if you manage multiple accounts you may have to click the See your profile next to the applicable profile).
  3. When you are viewing your profile you will see two rows of icons, as in the illustration here. Click on the bottom right icon entitled Ask for Reviews.
  4. Copy the link shown and paste it in your choice of location. Follow-up emails after you’ve provided a service or sale is ideal.
Getting a link for Google Reviews

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