Baking success into every website!

Looking for someone who will walk you through the website design process, making sure it’s easy to understand, so everything runs smoothly?

What makes Sue, The Website Chef, unique?

For me, working with clients who share my values is incredibly important. I’ve been involved in designing websites since 2007 and, over the years, I’ve heard plenty of horror stories about web designers disappearing on their clients — leaving them stuck with a website they can’t access or update. Building positive relationships with my clients is at the heart of everything I do. I’m passionate about creating engaging and user-friendly websites, and I really do love my job!

What ingredients are required to make a successful website?

  • A heap of website, marketing and business experience
  • A good dose of listening and understanding skills
  • A pinch of personality and enthusiasm
  • And a dash of ongoing support when you need it most

Why The Website Chef?

I love cooking! When I’m not in my office creating unique websites, I’m in the kitchen creating delicious food. I came up with “The Website Chef” when I was chatting to a friend over coffee, and it just made perfect sense. Creating a website is very much like creating the perfect dish — you need quality ingredients and a loving touch for a successful outcome. I enjoy creating unique websites just as much as spending time cooking in the kitchen, and it’s nice to get the right balance between both of my favourite pastimes.


In 2007, I began working for a web designer, shortly after starting my virtual assistance (VA) business. I learned a huge amount during that time, so I began creating sites on my own. In 2012, I moved back to Ireland from Chicago and stopped doing the VA work, so that I could give my full attention to my website clients. Since then, my business has gone from strength to strength. Because I’ve always attracted like-minded business owners who share my values, I’ve had a relatively easy journey through self-employment. I’m incredibly passionate about helping all of my clients reach their goals, and freely offer advice on many different business topics.

How can you work with me?

Get in touch today to arrange our initial meeting. I can’t wait to find out more about you and your business.