Introducing the Chef’s Special – exclusive to The Website Chef existing clients.

if your website is over 5 years old, it might be looking a little tired or hasn’t quite kept up with your business growth. Think of it like a recipe that needs a little updating to stay fresh and delicious!

My Chef’s Special service, where I’ll cook up a new look for your website in just ONE day, may be just what you need!

Experience a full day of personalized attention and support with the Chef ‘s Special. Tailored exclusively to your needs and goals, this day is dedicated solely to you and your project. Whether you’re looking to tackle your to-do list, revamp your current site, or add landing pages, the choice is yours. Simply book your day and share your wishlist, and let’s make it happen together.

  • For a Chef’s Special I dedicate the day solely to you and your project.
  • The day is designed to complete your wish list.
  • The Chef’s Special offers a focused and accelerated approach to accomplishing tasks swiftly, allowing you to smoothly return to your business with newfound progress.

Discover what’s included within each Chef’s Special

  • 7 hours of concentrated, intensive design and development effort
  • 30-minute post-Chef’s Special editing session for fine-tuning
  • Enjoy 30 days of email support post-Chef’s Special, ensuring your smooth navigation through your site. Assistance may also include helpful videos or resource links.

Are you prepared to mark this project as completed on your to-do list?

Investment: 550 euros + VAT where applicable

How it works


Submit your request
Email your wish list to
I’ll respond with available dates and an invoice for the 50% deposit.
You’ll choose the date you wish and pay the deposit.


Submit your Chef’s Special work five days prior to your scheduled date.
Balance payment is required 24 hours before your scheduled day.


Chef’s Special Day
Morning consultation
Remain available for inquiries and approvals

Options on how to use your Chef’s Special

If you feel like your website could use a little zest but aren’t sure where to start, I’ve whipped up a recipe for success! Here are some quick and easy ideas you can cook up in a day to give your site some fresh new features or a whole new look.

  • Colour and font changes
  • Revise branding
  • Update navigation
  • 1-3 pages plus blog
  • 30 minutes of fine-tuning post-Chef’s Special

Chef’s Special: Website Revamp

Is your website looking a little tired or hasn’t quite kept up with your business growth? Or you’ve re-branded your business and need to update the website to match.

Chef’s Special: Website Theme Update

Is your website ready for a new look? Think of it like switching up the flavours in your favourite recipe to create something new and exciting.

  • Change the theme of your site
  • Includes free Kadence theme
  • 30 minutes of fine-tuning post-Chef’s Special
  • Landing or sales page
  • Thank you Page
  • Add to current shop options
  • 30 minutes of fine-tuning post-Chef’s Special

Chef’s Special: Landing Page

One of the key benefits to adding a landing page is to boost goals. Whether it’s increasing sales, gathering sign-ups, sharing exciting news, a landing page is your secret to success.

Chef’s Special: Add E-Commerce Shop and Products

Adding e-commerce to your site is like adding the secret sauce to your products! From selling your services/products to dishing out digital downloads, it’s a recipe for success that’s as easy as pie. Let your website become the ultimate destination for customers to feast on your offerings anytime, anywhere.

  • Begin your e-commerce journey
  • Set up Shop and Payment Gateway
  • Thank you Page
  • Add up to 50 products
  • 30 minutes of fine-tuning post-Chef’s Special
  • SEO Audit
  • Review and update keywords
  • 30 minutes of fine-tuning post-Chef’s Special

Chef’s Special: Website SEO Audit

Just like crafting a perfect dish, creating a mouth-watering SEO strategy requires the right ingredients, a bit of prep work, and a dash of creativity. An SEO Audit is like a kitchen inspection. I’ll go through your site with a fine-tooth comb, ensuring that all the essential elements are in place and ready to cook up some delicious results.

Chef’s Special: Update SEO per SEO Audit Results

After your SEO audit the next step is to follow the recipe—making improvements and adjustments where needed. Finally, we’ll serve it up—ensuring your website is ready to attract and delight visitors.

  • Implement recommendations made in SEO Audit
  • Revise keyword strategy and update content accordingly
  • Update meta descriptions
  • 30 minutes of fine-tuning post-Chef’s Special

Please note: When booking exclusive access for the Chef’s Special, you’re investing in my dedicated focus rather than a predefined set of outcomes. Your preparedness with pre-work and content, along with prompt feedback during our session, significantly influences the results. While the listed Chef’s Special projects serve as examples, your day will revolve around your specific requirements. Efficiency is paramount in Chef’s Specials, as I strive for optimal outcomes tailored to your needs.

Can’t decide on which Special to choose? Combine multiple ones or make your own (like a Sundae Bar).

Specials may be combined for multi-day/events. For example, a major website overhaul may contain the Website Revamp and the Theme Change. The SEO Audit and the SEO Update make a delectable SEO Gourmet Special. Book a call with me to discuss the best option for you.

Why Choose My Chef’s Special Service?

  • Speed and Efficiency: Get your website updated and refreshed in a single day.
  • Personalized Attention: I dedicate the entire day to you and your project.
  • Expertise on Demand: Because I’ve already worked with you and am familiar with your business I bring that experience to transform your site from a little dated to gourmet in just one day.
  • Stress-Free Experience: Sit back and relax while I handle all the technical details.

Chef’s Special FAQs

With over 15 years of experience in crafting WordPress sites, I’ve empowered numerous clients to shine in the digital realm. I’m genuinely passionate about my work and deeply honored to join forces with you, contributing to your business journey. Consider me both your enthusiastic supporter and newest admirer. Specializing in tailoring WordPress designs, I ensure a seamless integration of your unique identity with the essential functionalities for your business. While my design style leans towards professionalism and cleanliness with a touch of playfulness, what truly counts is aligning with your vision. My mission is to simplify and enrich your experience, making the process both effortless and enjoyable for you.

  • You’re juggling multiple tasks but are eager to prioritize completing your project.
  • Time constraints are pressing, and you’re racing against a tight deadline.
  • A customized project isn’t necessary right now.
  • You highly value your time and require rapid project completion.
  • Previous attempts at DIY solutions have consumed excessive energy and time.
  • You’re prepared to entrust your tasks to a professional for immediate action.
  • With a clear vision in mind, you seek a designer to swiftly bring it to fruition.

Consider a Restyle or Full Site Solution if:

  • You require comprehensive features such as a website, branding, multiple pages, and a shop
  • You prefer a more relaxed pace to carefully consider decisions and explore various options
  • A single day feels too intense for your needs
  • You would appreciate a guided walkthrough of the entire process at a gentler speed

Absolutely. We can go a la carte – decide what’s on your wish list and let’s make it happen. The specials listed are starting points. Schedule a call and we can cook up a strategy that’s just right for you.


Tireless, committed, integrity, and resourceful

Sue is an outstanding professional! She has helped me with all phases of on-line presence. I have a ‘virtual confidant’ who has been so available to help each step of the way. Her project cost makes it possible for our small Nonprofit to have exactly the social networking it needs. Tireless, committed, integrity, and resourceful are only a few words to describe Sue! Top Qualities: Expert, Good Value, High Integrity
Deb Guy / Executive Director – Women’s Exchange

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